Emerald is a precious green gemstone with tones from green with a yellow hue through to dark blue-green and grey-green.  Our Ojewellery emeralds are sourced from Zambia.

Emeralds are valued based on colour (pure green being considered the most desirable), clarity (number of inclusions/ flaws), cut (optimal to give best light reflection) and carat (size).  Rarer than diamonds the best examples can cost more than the equivalent sized diamond.

Emerald has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the MOHRs scale of mineral hardness with diamond being at the hard end of the scale with a hardness value of 10.  Rubies and Sapphires are 9.

Its refractive index (speed light travels through the emerald) of 1.6, ruby/ sapphire at 1.76 and diamond around 2.4.

Emeralds are associated with growth, fertility, birth and success.  With their vibrant spring colour, they are the birthstone for May.