Lagom is a Swedish term that means not too much, not too little, just the right amount.  It is a philosophy that aims to balance each area of everyday life. Lagom is the essence of a lifestyle based on social awareness, moderation and sustainability.

In founding Ojewellery I hope to encompass Lagom principals into the business ethos.  Small changes can have an impact.  Refining design to get it right before manufacture, sourcing gemstones from traceable supply, using fine materials that can be repaired and recycled, replacing single use plastic bag packaging and replacing with tuck fold boxes, replacing tape on boxes with tucking the label around the seal to secure in transit, paperless invoicing - printed paper version available on request, FSC supply chain responsible packaging supply, provision of cleaning cloth to maintain jewellery long after purchase.


Ojewellery pieces are designed with natural gemstones to add a little sparkle.  Produced mainly in sterling silver some collections are starting to be produced in gold.  The design process starts in Cheshire UK with an idea that becomes a series of pencil sketches, moving onto a 2D design then 3D model before casting, setting finishing, hallmarking, inspecting, packaging and sending out to be enjoyed.



2D Outline and 3D Model

Once a pencil sketch has evolved into a potential design, it is digitised as a series of 2D sketches, these are then taken to produce a digital 3D Model.  The model can be viewed from all angles and refined before any precious metal resourse is used.
Robin pendant as 3D model, casting, set with garnet

3D Model, Cast Model, Finished Set Pendant

Once a 3D model design is refined, the next step is to cast a model then polish and set the selected stone - in this case garnet.

Robin pendant product details

Hallmarking Birmingham Assay

Jewellery is an investment.  To protect higher value items, supplied within the UK, we have a long history of items over certain weights need to be assayed to assess the metal purity and hallmarked to certify they are the purity, have been tested and to confirm the brand with the brand mark.

Where required or considered desirable, Ojewellery exclusive designs are now hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office  - marked with the Anchor Assay Office Mark and Ojewellery's makers mark the letters OJ within a hexagon.

Birmingham Assay Dealer Notice


Clean and Inspect

All items are given a polish at the end of the manufacturing process then further clean and polish in the UK before being inspected and packaged

Packaged Garnet Robin Pendant

The completed polished inspected pendant is packaged in an Ojewellery pendant box and placed within tissue paper in a gift bag. A gift card giving product information and containing a cleaning cloth is attached to the front of the gift bag.

Robin Pendant Details