From website design through to packaging and our jewellery pieces we hope to offer accessibility to anyone who wants to view or buy our pieces.

We are a world of individuals, each with our own needs.  As a very small business we have followed online guidelines for site accessibility - including descriptive tags to images (an ongoing process) and minimising add on apps.  If you're finding something else on the site difficult to navigate, your feedback would be appreciated and we'll endevour to rectify it.

If our conventional jewellery pieces aren't accessible for you, there are various modifications that can potentially be made to make them more accessible.

Spring ring and lobster clasps can have an additional magnetic catch added to allow ease putting on and taking off,  more chain can be added to increase length, some dangle earrings can be converted to clip on designs, rings can sent out adjusted to the larger or smaller end of their adjustable range.

Some modifications will incur a small additional charge to cover material cost - we wont charge any labour element for accessible changes.

We're happy to hear from you and discuss options.  Please email