Ruby is a precious gemstone often thought of as vivid red but with a colour spectrum of blood red through to pink.  Being the same family as Sapphires there is much debate about the point a ruby becomes a pink sapphire.  The US have a definition for minimum colour saturation to call a gemstone a ruby.   Our Ojewellery Rubies are in the red ruby range.  They are sourced from Africa.

Rubies are valued based on their colour, clarity, cut and carat (size).   The most desirable being vivid red, eye clean (so no visible flaws to the naked eye, cut in an even way to optimise light reflection and a big size.

Ruby has a hardness of 9 on the MOHRs scale of mineral hardness with diamond being at the hard end of the scale with a hardness value of 10.  Sapphire come similar and emerald just a touch lower at 7.5-8.

Its refractive index (speed light travels through the Ruby) of 1.76 with emerald being slightly lower, sapphire the same and diamond around 2.4.

Rubies are associated with passion, love and self confidence.  They are the birthstone for July.