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About Ojewellery

Trading as a jewellery retailer in since 2016, Ojewellery has gone from strength to strength.

We  expanded in 2018 to warehousing and with the support of a fantastic dispatch team are providing reliable same day dispatch every working day of the year.

All jewellery in the Ojewellery store is carefully inspected, photographed inhouse, weighed, dimensioned and a full detail listing is produced. All before being made available for sale. Once listed, items are carefully wrapped and secure stored in our warehouse ready for rapid dispatch. 

We go to great efforts to ensure that every item you receive meets your expectations.

Dedicated to providing exemplary customer service, you can rest assured that, from the online support team through to the pickers on the warehouse floor, your order will be handled with care and looked after every step of the way.

As a conscientious company we are aware of the moral and ethical issues that surround the manufacture of jewellery products using precious metals.  We therefore make every effort to ensure that all our suppliers operate to similar standards and where  practical are able to trace raw materials back to their origin.