Collection: Diamond

Diamond is a precious gemstone often thought of as white but with a colour spectrum of white through to black.  Our Ojewellery Diamonds are in the top of the near colourless range where when set it is very difficult to distinguish between a colourless and near colourless stone without viewing the stone against a colourless stone under a magnifier.  We consider it represents the best value for size trade off.

Diamonds are valued based on the 4 C’s their Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat (size).   The most desirable being completely colourless, flawless, an excellent even polished cut and a big size.  To keep costs optimised it is important to balance the factors that matter most for the setting used and depth of your pocket.

  • COLOUR D-F are colourless, G-J near colourless, K-M faint, N-R very light, S-Z light,
  • CLARITY Flawless is considered most desirable and the larger the diamond the more visible the flaws and vice versa.
  • CUT in an even way to optimise light reflection excellent, very good, good, fair and poor cut
  • CARAT size larger diamonds command a higher price but you can go for size over the first three C’s and have a less attractive stone.

Our diamonds are sourced from Africa through legitimate traceable sources not involved in funding conflict and are source in compliance with United Nations Resolutions to break the link between armed conflict and the diamond trade.

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone on the MOHRs scale of mineral hardness with a hardness value of 10.  Rubies and sapphires are 9 and emerald just a touch lower at 7.5-8.

Its refractive index (speed light travels through the diamond) of 2.4

Diamonds are associated with innocence and love.  They are the birthstone for April.