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Unveiling the Allure: What are Cultured Freshwater Pearls?

Have you ever been captivated by the delicate beauty of a pearl necklace? But did you know most pearls you see today are actually cultured? Here at Ojewellery, we love using these luminous gems in our collections, and today, we're diving deep to explore the world of cultured freshwater pearls!

Cultured freshwater pearls are nature's masterpieces with a helping hand. Unlike natural pearls, which form by chance when an irritant enters an oyster, cultured pearls are created through a careful process. Freshwater mussels are gently implanted with a tiny bead, and over time, they coat it with layers of nacre, the same iridescent material that gives pearls their signature shine.

So, what sets freshwater pearls apart? Compared to their saltwater cousins, they offer a wider variety of shapes, from classic round to baroque and button. Plus, their affordability makes them a fantastic choice for pearl enthusiasts of all budgets.

Ready to add a touch of luminous elegance to your life? Explore our selection of cultured freshwater pearl jewellery today!

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