Things that inspire #PowerUp

Things that inspire #PowerUp

I recently received an email off a fellow entrepreneur, albeit one a few steps behind me, seeking start up advice.  Its very flattering to be asked and in turn I’m seeking advice to grow further with the help of the team at the NatWest accelerator team at Manchester #PowerUp

It’s a six month programme of support and stretching.  I had an initial 60 second pitch followed by 6 minutes of cross examination interview a month wait to hear the outcome and I made the cut.

Now I’m refining my business pitch and establishing three Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Bound (SMART) targets to get me focused.

Day one has involved meeting lots of amazing businesses in various states of growth all with the common factors of energetic, enthusiastic owners ready to take the next growth stretch.  We’ve been introduced to lots of NatWest partner businesses from insurance companies, to tech support, accountancy and book keeping.  A whirlwind of an event leaving me excited for day two.

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