Special Jewellery, Ojewellery and Clogau

Special Jewellery, Ojewellery and Clogau

Jewellery has been a fascination of mine back to early childhood.  Sitting at my Grandmas dressing table with her showing me some of her beautiful jewellery and occasionally being allowed to try on a fancy necklace or two.  Her jewellery ranged from classical European through to thoroughly modern.  I inherited a few of her pieces that I love because they were chosen for me but also because of the stories associated with them. 

 Gold Garnet neckletDanish Silver Necklet

My Grandpa told me the story of how he bought the silver necklet for my Grandmother when I was in my teens. 

They were in Denmark.  My grandmother expressed how enchanted she was with the piece in the shop window.  She had exceptionally good taste.  They entered to enquire and after some discussion about their voyage to Denmark conversation moved onto the necklet and they were pleasantly surprised by the price so purchased it, much to my granmothers delight. 

Some time later my Grandpa was contacted to say that he’d only been charged 10% of the actual price in a decimal point error – the actual price was somewhat more eyewatering than that he’d paid.  After some consideration he and the seller came to an arrangement where both felt comfortable.  I don’t believe my grandmother ever knew the full story. 

Now when I hold or wear this special piece its more than just beautiful jewellery it’s a reminder of family and of the love between my rather remarkable Grandparents and as a small business owner its a reminder about building relationships and finding my happy medium in business dealings.


My Clogau collection started in a similar way – only a decade ago.  I was proposed to by a Welsh man.  Our wedding took place in the Chapel next to the house I was renovating.  We wanted to have Welsh gold wedding rings and so it seamed appropriate to wear co-ordinating Welsh gold jewellery. 

I stumbled across the Clogau Beachcomber range when sourcing our wedding rings.  Symbolic of so many relevant things – containing pearls (my birth stone), the touch of Welsh gold in rose gold hearts and silver castings of sea shells – as a beach lover and having spent my childhood sailing in the channel the discovery felt meant to be.

 Clogau Beachcomber Earrings Ojewellery

My first Clogau purchase was the earrings, followed by the bracelet for my 40th and later on the necklace.  Then I moved onto the rather symbolic Clogau oak collection with the birth of my daughter.


My business relationship with Clogau began in Autumn 2016.  My seventh wedding anniversary was imminent, I wanted to buy a special piece of Clogau to add to my collection.   I’d been selling some old jewellery that didn’t have special meaning on eBay and thought with my great love of the Clogau brand and its ethos why not approach them direct about online selling. 

I approached the Clogau eBay team and after a little discussion, purchased my first bundle of Clogau consisting of sale, discontinued and slight seconds stock for sale on select online platforms. 

Since then my love and appreciation of Clogau as a brand, but also a wonderful supportive group of people with a strong ethos and great business values has grown. 

Clogau is a great product to work with.  It is very well made and tested before being available for general sale which means returns are very rare and I can have confidence that the items I sell can become pieces with their own stories and special meaning to be handed down through generations yet to come.


My latest Clogau online collections are available on eBay and Amazon

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