All that sparkles isn’t gold

All that sparkles isn’t gold

The long summer holidays have drawn to a close and life has settled back into a routine.  I have fond memories of the summer – we took our children to Paris for the first time.  It was also a first for them on Eurostar and made a pleasant change from flying.


One of the many things I love about new experiences is a fresh approach and energy to life back home.  So I’m celebrating and embracing the advantages of being a small independent retailer. 

I’ve always loved silver.  I consider it a lovely hard wearing metal that is incredibly versatile and I love the tone.  Yet, it’s so rarely used with high end gems.  So as one of the advantages of being my own boss, I’ve made up and made available a few sterling silver sapphire or tanzanite pendants within my Cheshire Set collection.  At a lower price point than the 9ct or 18ct versions these start at £299.95 for the tanzanite pendant and £339.95 for the sapphire pendant.

The website is undergoing some changes which shouldn't have a significant visual effect from customers perspectives but for behind the scenes all sorts of wonderful high tech linking and syncing is going on, meaning orders can be processed by our warehouse team at Huboo, same working day year round and I can focus on the fun bits of the business like keeping in touch with customers.

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