I will confess to being a bit of an overthinker.  Occasionally though, life throws up things that I can confidently grasp with both hands. 

This has happened twice recently.  The first, back in May when the lovely team at Clogau mentioned they had a good number of high quality deep blue sapphires available.  I did my numbers and felt awash with great excitement at pursuing a fine stone collection.


The second time was when Huboo CEO, Martin, invited Ojewellery to be a case study for a Huboo marketing campaign. 


Today was the day these two things have collided.  The latest Huboo marketing campaign has launched on a meet the company page on Tamebay.  The marketing boost has pushed me to seize the moment and launch the sapphire collection.


Its now live, launched as Cheshire Set,  currently a one off 18ct white gold and diamond pendant available for sale. 

Soon to be followed by a selection of 9ct yellow gold earrings and pendants.  The castings have been cleaned, deburred, had fixings soldered and been polished ready for setting.  Something much easier to get on with now I’m not tied to post runs each day thanks to Huboo.

 Ojewellery Barrel Polished 9ct Yellow Gold Findings

Huboo, provide my warehousing and fulfilment solution.  I met Martin, the CEO, at a PayPal event in the autumn of 2018 and within weeks had started transferring product lines over.  Things went so smoothly that by February of this year, 2019, Huboo, have been handling all my eBay, and onbuy sales.  Now I’m phasing over Amazon orders too. 

The time having more people on board has brought enables me to explore my own marketing, business direction and business enjoyment in my new collections.

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