Peridot snowdrop dangle sterling silver earrings hanging off branch in instant print photo frame with text Peridot Earrings backdrop same peridot earrings

March - Begining of Spring, Birthstone Aquamarine and Mothers Day 19th

March is here.  The warm weather means signs of spring are around us.

I love spring, I think this is reflected in many of my pieces.  My spring peridot snowdrop earrings and pin brooch have been well received at £29.95.

Personalisation within a gift card is available, at no extra cost, across the gemstone range and all items come in a gift box, with tissue paper and a gift bag.  Lightening the load of wrapping.

 The sentiment for the month is M is for Mum not Maid.  It's taken from an embroidery in our library.  The sentiment resonated more for me when I became a mum myself.   Making me appreciate the effort and sacrifices my own mum made.

That leaves me just enough space to mention the birthstone for March is Aquamarine.  A new stone to our Ojewellery collection with our own design pieces including, just in, our adjustable rings – great for gifting when you’re not sure of the recipients size.

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