100% Positive Feedback

100% Positive Feedback

Each time I click on my seller hub within eBay or seller central in Amazon and see the feedback score has notched up one, I swell with pride at another satisfied customer.  I do put a lot of effort into the business.  Particularly with careful packaging and a fast reliable service.  It’s nice that the human element of the interaction is appreciated.

That bit of feedback boosts me in other ways too.  In these days of seller metrics, sellers prompting lots of feedback from buyers are given a slight boost in their listing impressions on each platform.  From the platform perspective, if a seller has happy customers, the customers will feel more positive about the platform, talk about it to others, and return for other purchases too.

Metrics are interesting in other ways too.  Rating out of 5 stars is a common practice.  EBay use a system of Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR’s).  These are individual scores based on description, communication, shipping time and shipping cost.  I send everything free post so the last is greyed out as not relevant for my sales – I therefore have a perfect score in this area.

Before I became a seller, I understood 1 star to be poor and 5 stars to be outstanding – someone who has really achieved everything you expected and gone above and beyond.  If an item was roughly as expected 3 stars, everything that was expected 4 stars.

Most of life’s transactions are, on my interpretation, 3 or 4 starts – roughly meeting expectations but with some room to improve.  Shouldn’t we all be looking for areas of improvement to stretch ourselves? 

I have tended to give 5 stars though – I’m a 5 star, no feedback or give the seller a chance to resolve things kind of person.

As a seller I’ve come to understand, behind the scenes in metric land, anything below 5 stars is considered failing.  5 star positive feedback is the only truely positive feedback.

To finish, I wanted to say to those who take the time to feedback it makes online a better place to trade and shop, so thank you.  I read and benefit from each and every bit I receive.  I have a particular warm place for the personal ones.

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